Anger management

One of those days where I have so much to get off my chest. More bigots on the rampage – of course there’s Ann Coulter, but Mel Gibson gets a mention here today.

Our buddy, Mel Gibson is having a bad week. First off he gets stopped for drunk driving and then he goes on an anti-semeticmelpoo.jpg tirade to the officer forcing ABC to drop support of their support for his Holocaust mini-series. Wait a minute – Mel Gibson? Holocaust mini-series? Isn’t this a bit like having the klan make a movie about slavery in America? It’s pretty impressive that he was able to get someone to give him money for this. Maybe I should write the Ann Coulter biography.

Speaking of Annie poo (my pet name for her). Won’t she just go away? So now she’s accusing Bill Clinton of being gay. Seriously? Come on – proof – any – please. Did he come onto your brother? Maybe to you prior to the sex change? The media needs to stop reporting on this chick as news. Her proof: he’s promiscuous – which means he’s gay. There we have it – promiscuity means your gay which means every man in America apparently is a homesexual. (I guess she’s homophobic.)

I am writing while sitting in front of my air conditioner because it is literally 1 million degrees outside. I think the Bush Administration is looking for proof of global warming in the same place they found the WMD.

While on the subject of my friends at the White House. Every time I read a story about the administration it reminds me that they have not done one thing right since taking office. Every story is essentially about the newest thing they’ve screwed up. While I appreciate the ability to look at every stinking person that voted for him and say “I told you so!” I would appreciate one thing. Just one thing done not just right, but exceedingly well. Tell me when you find that one thing.

On a good note – happy birthday to singer Michael Penn – he turns 48 today.

10 thoughts on “Anger management

  1. Mel Gibson has always come across as a bit of a loose canon (but in a married with 16 kids kind of way.) That is one crazy photo there with the beard, btw. But I half-saw his mug shot while I was doing laundry today and I think he was clean-shaven. So this is just some other wacky Mel photo?

    You probably know by now that the Holocaust project is history. Or at least that’s what The Insider told me while I was loading the dryer. (Now I’m an insider too – woohoo!)

    Bill Clinton gay? Hahahahahahah. That Coulter is such a kidder. I mean, her stuff is comedy right?

    Of course I second your thoughts on the White House and Michael Penn. (Gee, it almost hurts me physically to put them in the same sentence. Sorry Michael.)

  2. Mel Gibson is a massive nut. South Park got it right with him.

    Ann Coulter is a man, baby! A man! She is also certifiable.

    The White House… hmmm… well, they certainly know how to F things up pretty well. I give them a gold star for being massive f-ups. They’re also good at giving their friends jobs. ;-) One of my friends at work was called up for jury duty this past week. The folks called up were broken into groups of twelve. To my friend’s right: Madeline Albright. To his left, Karl Rove. I would have had a hard time not hissing and spitting at Rove throughout the process, frankly.

    Did I mention that gave Dick Cheney the double middle finger salute the other day? His motorcade was pulling out of the White House just as I got there to pick up a friend at the World Bank. I could not help myself. I extended both hands and waved those fingers madly. Best part? The guys with the automatic weapons in the follow car laughed their asses off. Bet they’d like to do the same thing each and every day. God bless “protected speech.”

  3. Cyn – trust me – mentioning Michael in this post was painful.

    Merujo – I love it! Of course you know now you’ll be audited ;) At work we lamented the fact that South Park isn’t in season right now. I did tape the Daily Show though.

    Scarlet – Who? Because I know we’re not equating an O-Town member (Wikipedia is awesome) with Michael Penn!

  4. I enjoyed Clinton as a President, but as a lover? I mean, I’d have to shop at The Gap. Gross!

    BTW, it’s we gays fault that Israel is in the mess it’s in, too. I keep telling people that our “secret agenda” is to slowly destroy the Earth and redecorate it in our image with all of our disposal income.

    (To any right-wing nuts, reading this — that was sarcasm. If you find a copy of the Gay Agenda, please send me a copy)

  5. I think what I’ve seen is that people like Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson read too much into their popularity and think it means that their opinion means something to the general public.

    Scarlet – I can’t even talk to you ;)

  6. Bill Clinton gay? Crap, I was hoping he’d have an affair with me!!
    And Poor Mel Gibson… What happened to the good ol’ Lethal Weapon days?

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