The Pitfalls of Stock Art

Maybe the following link is just funny for marketing types like myself- but I’m going to gamble that others will find it funny too.   It’s about a woman that gets seen a lot because she’s a stock-art model.   If you’re not familiar with stock-art, basically you can buy images to use in advertising, websites, etc.   The problem is if you can buy the image, so can others.

The woman in question hawks bags, dating sites, beauty tips, etc.   I’ve personally seen her on a advertising weight-loss and Dominos Pizza.

My friend Grace even found her on a site she did the copy for.

The message here is take caution when using stock-art images.

Here’s the link – read all 3 pages, there’s a twist in the story at the end.

An Unsolicited Commercial Love Story  

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

Was thinking about this earlier today – here are my top 10 guilty pleasures. Share a couple of yours.

  1. The Philadelphia Phillies – The worst franchise in pro-sports history. Will more than likely lose their 10,000 game of their history next year. But I can’t stop watching (and hoping I get another World Series – my greatest sports joy was watching them win as a 12 year old).
  2. 80’s music – I know it can be cheesy and I know it can be stupid but I don’t care. When Everybody Wang Chung Tonight comes on, I’m singing along.
  3. Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series – Kind of sexy, very light, and very entertaining. Harris has a very smart, but not so serious vampire mythology. Now don’t mistake me saying it’s light and not so serious as saying it’s trivial – it’s anything but. There’s everything you expect – death, sci fi, sex, but in a way that makes it all seem possible
  4. TLC’s What Not to Wear – I love Stacy and Clinton. And this show is interesting without requiring too much brain power. (I also want Stacy and Clinton to be having a little something going on the side – I know he’s gay, but I don’t care). Continue reading

Hurricane Katrina: One year later

I have to admit that I have allowed Katrina to slip my mind. I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t followed the situation the way I wanted to. I sit here in my suburban malaise thankful for what I have, but not having thought about the people from New Orleans the way I should have.

I’ve forgotten the dead bodies. The bungling of the response. The lies from our elected officials. The apparent disregard for those of us that are Continue reading

Katherine Harris Crazy

Took a little blogiday but now I’m back and thanks to Katherine Harris for giving me such blog worthy material. Seems like madame Katherine took some time out from her Senate campaign to give her views on the Constitution and specifically the separation of church and state. Apparently church-state separation is “wrong because God is the one who chooses our rulers.”

I agree 100%. What she doesn’t realize is that god apparently has a sense of humor. You know God woke up one morning thinking “How can I fuck with these people? Hmm. Oh yeah – George Bush as President – that’s good!”
What’s so funny about this is that what a moron like Harris doesn’t realize is that the reason this country was formed is to avoid church involvement in the government.

I think I’d be angrier if it weren’t for the fact that Harris seems to have been exposed during the current campaign. It appears she won’t win – and she comes out looking like the bigoted moron that us liberals all know that she is.

Maybe Microsoft should just own the web

A news story going around today about Microsoft suing people to stop what’s called typosquatting (this is when a site is spelled on a common typo – such as instead of

I guess when you’re a monopoly, the idea of a company making money without you sharing it with them is unfathomable. Microsoft is sort of like the mob that way.

Part of me agrees that the practice of typosquatting is shady, but is it trademark infringement? Isn’t this the same as moving next door to the most popular store on the block in an attempt to increase the sales in your own store? Or positioning lower selling products on a shelf next to more popular products. It’s an attempt to draft off of the popularity of a more popular brand – and this has been around forever. Someone will say “but people accidentally go to the URL because of the typo and this is misleading.” Is it? They typed in the wrong URL and were sent to the site they requested.
If Microsoft wants to prevent this, then buy the URL, but otherwise if the site in question isn’t using the copyrighted material of Microsoft and it’s not doing something illegal, then it’s free game.

BTW – the following is from Wikipedia’s article on typosquatting:

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer automatically redirects users’ mistyped URL queries to their MSN Search page. Though a user can reconfigure their browser to use a different search tool, Google, one of MSN’s biggest rivals, is not in the list. However, on their web site, Google has explained how to make their search engine the IE default for mistyped urls

So in other words, Microsoft uses it’s dominance in the browser world to typosquat themselves.

Philly Future

I’ve been spreading my wings and writing a little for a blog called Philly Future (spencer’s blog). A Philadelphia blog that allows multiple users to post to it and speak to the local community.

Most of the posts I’ve done there, were also posted here, but the last one – Last Week In Philly – is something new I wrote for that site. Last week included in Love Park and a protest of the military’s don’t ask don’t tell idiocy, err, I mean policy.

BTW – if you’re local, it’s a great avenue to find local bloggers, read interesting local articles, and increase local readers to your site.

Click for Philly Future’s main page