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DHscan10.jpgJust finished watching Air Force One – and all I have to say is Die Hard is responsible for so many bad movies: this one plus, Passenger 57, Under Siege, XXX: State of the Union, Speed, Last Boy Scout etc. etc.

You know the generic script, terrorist takes something hostage (plane, building, boat, train). Usually the terrorist is played by some great European actor (Gary Oldman, Jeremy Irons, Alan Richman will do). The hero then makes mush of the eurotrash villian’s plan and takes back the _________ (fill in the blank).

Finally there is always some signature phrase designed to rile the audience such as “Always bet on black” – Wesley Snipes Passenger 57

No other movie can take responsibility for such out and out cheese.

Thank you John McTiernan.

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  1. Every good premise that made money unfortunately led to a boatload of bad imitators. Lethal Weapon begat a million buddy cop movies; X-Men/Spiderman fever had every possible superhero optioned, eventually exposing the world to Ben Affleck’s tubby red leather blind lawyerman suit in Daredevil; Friends clogged the airwaves with millions of quickly cancelled imitators; CSI gave us David Caruso (CSI:Orange) and Gary Sinise (CSI:Blue) JUST ON THEIR NETWORK ALONE; and the parade of shows trying to capture the Lost zeitgeist should continue for the next few years. This will continue until Hollywood ceases to exist.

    Die Hard is a great action thriller and still stands up to this day. I should know, I’ve seen it about 70 times. Funny, thrilling, and well acted, it just makes the imitators look even more pathetic. And this movie ignited my undying love of all things Bruce Willis. What could be bad about that?

    Side note: Air Force One (while a piece of cinematic poo) had some of the best unintentional laughs ever. The entire sequence with the fax machine as morse code of the future, saving the day was hilarious. The thought of the fax lady and Harrison Ford jumping up and down all excitedly when their document was being scanned has me giggling right now. I think I’ll go reenact it with my fax later.

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