New Mexican wedding adventures – part 2

Oh yeah, there’s more.


Beautiful day (or so we thought). We get up, but Nick and I have nothing to do. Kristen, being in the wedding, has a full day ahead. We pick up beer and ice, help out with ushering duties, and sit for the wedding. We could see the storm coming in, and we hoped it would hold off. It pretty much did; the reception on the other hand is another story. Let’s just say hail hurts when it hits you in the forehead.

The reception is fun. Cala and Vik have a cool set of friends. We drink a lot of beer. Vik’s brother gives an excellent toast. Good job guys.


We’re flying out today and I truly believe there is not a single cup of decent coffee in the whole state. The best I had was 2 days ago at Cala’s parents’ house. Our flight is scheduled for 4 pm. We drop off the car, go to the Albuquerque Airport, and see if we can fly standby. Standby is another word for “waste of time”. Since all flights are going through hubs these days, it’s impossible to switch flights. So we wait in Albuquerque Airport for 4 long hours. The lamest airport I’ve ever been in was a 4 gate airport in South Carolina – this was a close second. WHY DID WE GIVE UP THE CAR?

Finally we get on a plane. I don’t expect much from airlines these days but, these seats are ridiculous. And it’s made worse by the three foot tall lady in front of me that insists on reclining her seat into my lap. I’m 5’11” – barely taller than average. Why can’t they give us another inch or two? At one point I turn to Kristen and ask “has American always been a low-cost carrier” she said “they aren’t”.

Finally a break in Dallas. Our gate to Philly is the same gate out we flew into. We also are in a new terminal – we find a good Mexican, the Phillies on TV, and Bombay Sapphire.

So flying out at 4 pm means 6 pm eastern, which means we finally walk in the door of our house at 2 am. This wasn’t worth the $60 we saved by flying American.

Alright – done here. We’re back to my normal crap later.

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