New Mexican wedding adventures – part 1

This past weekend we went to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a wedding. Because it wasn’t cheap to fly there (and we’re saving for a wedding) we went with the least expensive flight out that fit our schedule and wasn’t too much of a hassle; this turned out to be American Airlines. Here’s my tail of woe trying to travel the 2,000 miles.


Had to run around a lot prior to flying out – a dentist appointment, some last minute errands, and then to the airport. Maybe if I’d had a few seconds more, I would have checked the flight prior to heading to the airport. Alas, I did not, so of course my flight to Chicago was cancelled. I called American Airlines from the line and was moved to a flight to Dallas. Upon arriving at the gate, their customer service person tells me that I’m not on the flight, because it’s closed. Interesting since their person on the phone told me I was confirmed. The desk agent tells me to call a toll-free number where again I’m told I have seats on the flight. When I tell this to the desk agent, she yells at me “I don’t care what they’re saying, this is booked.” The phone agent moves me to my 3rd flight in less than hour – American can accommodate me, so I’m now flying Continental. I must say, I like Continental – nice plane, good service. The commuter jet from Dallas to Albuquerque is cool – the flight attendant sounds like a valley girl in monotone. I think “this is what happened to the cute girls in high school that didn’t pay attention.” No more issues all the way to Albuquerque.

Pick up my bright red PT Cruiser from Thrifty and then off to dinner to meet the groom and friends for dinner. At the end of the night I’m sitting with 3 scientists (I use that term the way my mom says “I work in computers” which basically means I use a computer at work). At one point Vik turns to me and says something matter of factly about two atoms (don’t ask me what). I laugh and say “sure”.


Chill day. Kristen’s friend Nick is waiting for his luggage which was lost on US Airways. Vik (think groom), Nick (think me always confusing the names Nick and Vik), and myself kill the day. This includes Korean for lunch and drinks at a bar watching a car chase on the TV. Aside – the driver of the white-pickup needs a sponsor – maybe FedEx “When it absolutely has to get there overnight”. 90 minutes of evading the police – all this trouble for robbing a dry cleaner – my dry cleaner robs me twice a month. Anyway, we’re required back at the ranch, then we head to the bed and breakfast, the involved parties practice, and then we head to dinner.

The beautiful bride and handsome groom on their last night of being single.

Part 2 – weather adventures, lots of beer, American Airlines really does suck, and more tomorrow

One thought on “New Mexican wedding adventures – part 1

  1. I know scientists in Albuquerque! Physicists, in fact. I like saying “Yeah, my friend Natalie is a real rocket scientist. No. Really. She *is* a rocket scientist.” :-)

    Air travel sucks more and more these days, you know. Transcontinental flights make me crazy. Hard to believe I used to fly (calmly) to Central Asia all the time. Oof!

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