Half as much Tina Fey

Update: An open letter to Tina

Mmmm – I love me some Tina Fey. So I shed a tear as I found out this morning that Tina Fey will be leaving Saturday Night Live this year for her new show 30 Rock.

I was looking forward to

  1. More than 10 minutes of Tina every week
  2. Tina twice a week

Anyway – the hardest part of writing this post was deciding what picture to include – so I include two.

Oh yeah – Rachel Dratch is leaving too.

30 Rock - 30 Rock, Season 1

11 thoughts on “Half as much Tina Fey

  1. Yep, I’m kind of looking forward to 30 Rock, (and its Aaron Sorkin drama flipside) but Tina Fey’s Weekend Update material is some of the only consistently worthwhile stuff on SNL, so that’s a shame.

    [Cyn has some Tina-Fey-lookin’ glasses, and when I once made the complimentary comparison, she didn’t understand the appeal that I was referencing. I assured her that it was definitely and absolutely meant as a compliment!]

  2. What? She’s all that T&A going on, baby! That’s right — talent & acting.

    Oh, she has a nice rack, too.

    It holds 50 different spices.

    Stop me!!!

  3. Yeah, she’s pretty hot. I’m not sure how funny she is, I think she’s alright, but she’s from Upper Darby too, so that’s two pluses for her.

  4. Nothing like a little Tina to bring out the comments.

    As my girlie Kristen pointed out, she\’s got that nerdy hot thing going on (add Willow from Buffy to the list – and Fred from Angel). I remember her and Jimmy Fallon being described as that cool couple that you want to hang out with at parties.

  5. I luvs me sum Tina, too. Thanx for the pix. Made my day. I’ll definitely be checking out “30 Rock”. Cute, intelligent & funny knocks me out.

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