Wash my mouth out

Was sending a brief text message out to a friend and I wanted to use the word “fucking” as in “weddings are fucking expensive” and T9 doesn’t include curses in the dictionary.   The closest was “ducking”.   Now I know I’m a fucking pot mouth, but who isn’t?     Seems to me people who use text messaging probably use curses as a good percentage of their language.

I’m just saying.

5 thoughts on “Wash my mouth out

  1. That reminds me of the Bud Light “Making Faces” website where you can take a photo of anyone or anything, and with a few easy steps, animate it and put words in its mouth. A while back, the Bud Light peeps reprogrammed it to censor out questionable language. I have learned to get around that with creative spelling like “phucking” or “as hole.” Cracks me up.

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