A couple of random thoughts

  1. What purpose do mosquitoes serve other than to annoy and spread disease?
  2. Close to finishing up season 4 of Angel and have to say it will be joining my favorite show list. I can’t believe I didn’t watch this series after season 2. (Don’t spoil the end for me – just 4 shows away).
  3. Anyone hear the new Thom Yorke cd yet? Mine is on its way from Amazon, so it’ll be a weekend listen. Just wondering.

9 thoughts on “A couple of random thoughts

  1. Okay, that’s freaking. I’m currently listening to the new Thom Yorke as I’m reading your blog about wondering if anyone has heard it. Booo-WEEEEE-ooooo.

    And it sounds like it came right out of Kid A or Amnesiac, so it’s pretty good after one listen.

  2. i didn’t enjoy season 4 of angel, but it redeemed itself somewhat in season 5. I loved the angel as puppet episode in season 5. “you’re a wee little puppet man…”

    ahhh, good times :)

  3. been listening to the new thom yorke non-stop
    since the day it was released…very good,
    very atmospheric, with thom’s vocals being
    clearer than on recent radiohead albums…
    and unlike the sad attempts by u2 to do
    “electronica”, thom and radiohead know how to
    do it right.

  4. Love, love, LOVED season 4. We just started season 5, and I’m not in love yet, but Kristen tells me it gets better.

  5. I think Season 4 has some of the more memorable turns, and the dark places are so dark. It’s even better seeing them now. I like Season 5, and it has some brilliant shows (like the puppet one, and the firm party). In my opinion, it was a little hampered at the beginning, mainly due to the Spike transition and new direction of the show. It was rushed at the end because The WB pulled the plug and they had to wrap up the year by speeding things up and trying to get through a storyline that would have been the basis for Season 6. Still, a bad Angel is more watchable than most shows. Or movies for that matter.

  6. Yup – and I have the benefit of watching seasons 3 and 4 back to back. Both good – and I loved season 3, but 4 was so sinister and dark all the way through. There were no “take a breath” episodes for the most part although I will say it lost a little steam for me with Jasmine.

    Season 3 highpoints? Angelus – as great as Angel is, Angelus livens things up. Connor – annoying as all hell, but well acted. Wolferman Hart getting snuffed out (and Cordy doing Lilah in). So many episodes that left me gasping as the show ended.

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