Senility has set in – the Bill Giles interview

Just when it seems it couldn’t get worse for the Phillies.

The season has been horrible. They are 11.5 games behind the Mets. The manager is on the hotseat as are two thirds of the outfield and every pitcher not named Tom Gordon. Their “best” pitcher was arrested for beating his wife in public. Etcetera, etc. I wonder why I am surprised at the interview Bill Giles gave that was published on . I guess it’s the total lack of understanding and reality. Here are some wonderful comments from the interview:

In regards to the Brett Myers situation

“I do know what really happened was a lot less than what the public thinks happened and that’s the sad part because some bystander saw something that really didn’t happen. Brett was trying to help his wife.”

Totally understand. He knocked her down, and had the help her up…by the hair. OK – there were multiple witnesses, Myers decided to leave the team for counseling, but yet he didn’t do it. Giles should just keep his mouth shut here.

Does it matter to you that the public is so down on this team?

“I don’t know that that’s true. Too many people believe the talk shows are the pulse of the public, and I don’t happen to believe that at all. There are crazy people that call in and the announcers create a perception, but I don’t believe it. I just don’t think the public… I know so many people that are dyed in the wool Phillies fans who love the team, win, lose or draw.”

What city is this guy talking about? One thing that is innately true about Philadelphia fans is that we don’t blindly support our teams. When things are bad, we may be fans, but we’re a negative and vocal bunch and we will let you know. So I don’t know what there is for Giles not to agree with. Also, if Giles isn’t sure, that’s another problem. The Flyers and Sixers both hold meetings with their season tickets holders and ask their opinions. Why don’t the Phillies do the same?

Does the negativity from talk radio and maybe the fan base in general hurt?

“I think negative talk shows are negative to the performance of all things. I really do. I really feel that way. Somebody said since Liberty Place 1 and 2 have gone above William Penn’s hat that nobody has won a championship in Philadelphia. I think talk shows are an issue with some of the players. The players listen to it and hear about it. I don’t think it’s a positive influence on winning any game, whether it be hockey or basketball or baseball or whatever.”

Here is the prime example of what’s wrong with the Phillies – they make excuses and winners don’t make excuses. If I were running this team, I would tell the players that if they’re having a problem performing because of the media, fans, or talk shows that they are in the wrong business. Giles’ father Warren was pioneer in baseball and so Giles has been around the game a long time – criticism has been a part of the game since the days of Ruth.

Oh I could go on – calling David Montgomery “sensational” even though he has never been to the playoffs is otherer favorite. This interview makes me sad because it shows there is nothing for us fans to look forward to as long as this man is a part of the dealings.

Yes indeed – senility has set in.

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