Eight is enough – Michael Jackson edition

This would be funny if it weren’t sad…scratch that, it’s still funny. What country would allow Michael Jackson to have more kids? How bad off does a child have to be to sent to MJ to improve their situation?   The following is from Salon

Michael Jackson’s creepy adoption plot? Michael Jackson reportedly attempted to adopt two Brazilian babies in 2002 and 2003, or at least tried to get someone to adopt them for him. Jackson’s former associate Marc Schaffel — who’s suing Jackson for $3.8 million in unpaid royalties and other expenses — claimed during his testimony on Friday in Los Angeles that he’d been sent by Jackson to adopt two boys in Brazil. Schaffel reportedly has a taped phone conversation with Jackson where the pop star requests, “Get me two boys, no, get me a girl and a boy.” “He couldn’t make up his mind,” a source who’s heard the tapes tells Fox 411. Another source says “It sounds like someone asking you to run down to the store and get ice cream.”

Yeah – people don’t want gays to adopt, or interracial adoptions, but this guy can still adopt?

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