Billy Wagner speaks (again)

Billy Wagner says that the Phillies have “as much talent talent as [the Mets]”. That “there is something lacking there”. That the team needs to be broken up. The funny thing is that the papers disregard him. The Phillies laugh it off. You may not like some of the things that Billy says, but you have a hard time finding fault with anything he’s said this last time. The Phils are talented, but they don’t win, and it’s management and lack of leadership. Why argue with him – this type of publicity is maybe what is needed to embarrass the ownership into changing. Remember when SI called the Clippers the worst team in all of sports? We need someone on a national level to do an expose on the Phillies. The consistency of their badness is not to be rivaled. Not by the Clippers, not by the Buccaneers, not by anyone. No one can point to our level of ineptitude and say they have worse.

A couple of days ago, I read an article saying that people who question the government are true patriots. Maybe Billy Wagner is a Phillies patriot, helping by casting light on the truth. Maybe we need to take him more seriously.

The Phillies love to play musical chairs with blame and it’s usually the GM, manager, or a random player that is standing when the music is up. Fact is that since this team has been taken over by the current ownership group led by Bill Giles, the only thing to stay the same in the past 23 years has been that group. One rule of troubleshooting is to remove a potential problem, run the system without that problem item to see if the thing you are testing works without it or not. If it works, the removed part isn’t responsible for the problem,   move on to the next potential problem item and repeat. Keep doing this until you’ve isolated the problem. The players have been changed, multiple managers have been fired, multiple GMs have been relieved of duty.

There’s only one thing left. Time for them to go

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