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DHscan10.jpgJust finished watching Air Force One – and all I have to say is Die Hard is responsible for so many bad movies: this one plus, Passenger 57, Under Siege, XXX: State of the Union, Speed, Last Boy Scout etc. etc.

You know the generic script, terrorist takes something hostage (plane, building, boat, train). Usually the terrorist is played by some great European actor (Gary Oldman, Jeremy Irons, Alan Richman will do). The hero then makes mush of the eurotrash villian’s plan and takes back the _________ (fill in the blank).

Finally there is always some signature phrase designed to rile the audience such as “Always bet on black” – Wesley Snipes Passenger 57

No other movie can take responsibility for such out and out cheese.

Thank you John McTiernan.

Originality smells

The following is from a great article on Salon reviewing Miami Vice

A few years back, a screenwriter friend of mine was pitching one of her original screenplays to an agent. The agent loved the script, but informed my friend there was no way she could sell it — “There’s no pre-awareness,” she said. When my friend asked what on earth that could possibly mean, the agent explained that the script wasn’t based on a TV show, or a book, or an earlier movie — in other words, it was based on an original idea and not on something that people had already heard of. There was no familiar set of coattails to affix it to. No one would bite.

It is one of my pet peeves that there is really no original art in movies anymore (not including indies, but even there they’re not what they used to be). That everything has to come with some sort of built in audience. Even if the movie doesn’t resemble what it’s based on (were Starsky and Hutch or the Brady Bunch originally comedies? Die Hard 3‘s script wasn’t even written for that franchise) that doesn’t matter because all the marketers want is a tie to the original.

Last week I said to some friends that the piece of dribble, Gone is 60 Seconds, would be welcome now because at least it’s original. The problem is that as the cost of movies have gone up, the studios are looking for ways to seemingly guarantee their performance. What’s ashame is that they forget that stories like the Sixth Sense, Raiders of the Lost Arc, the Matrix, and Star Wars sprung to the big screens first. They’ve lost the sense that the big screen can be the launching ground for some of the most compelling stories.

What’s interesting is that this comes at a time when television seems to have experienced a rebirth, becoming more daring and aggressive. Shows such as Lost and 24 are as good as anything produced by the movie studios.

I’ve already reached the point of dismissing so many movies because I’m tired of the lack of creativity. When I head to the Blockbuster, it’s not uncommon to leave empty handed because there’s nothing I want to see. Nevermind the fact that I haven’t watched a movie in months, there’s still nothing I want to see.

Oh well, here’s another thing I don’t have to spend money on.

Update: I’m made aware of the fact that Gone in 60 Seconds apparently is a remake too. IS ANYTHING SACRED! I guess a movie doesn’t have to be good or memorable to be remade.

New Mexican wedding adventures – part 2

Oh yeah, there’s more.


Beautiful day (or so we thought). We get up, but Nick and I have nothing to do. Kristen, being in the wedding, has a full day ahead. We pick up beer and ice, help out with ushering duties, and sit for the wedding. We could see the storm coming in, and we hoped it would hold off. It pretty much did; the reception on the other hand is another story. Let’s just say hail hurts when it hits you in the forehead.

The reception is fun. Cala and Vik have a cool set of friends. We drink a lot of beer. Vik’s brother gives an excellent toast. Good job guys. Continue reading

New Mexican wedding adventures – part 1

This past weekend we went to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a wedding. Because it wasn’t cheap to fly there (and we’re saving for a wedding) we went with the least expensive flight out that fit our schedule and wasn’t too much of a hassle; this turned out to be American Airlines. Here’s my tail of woe trying to travel the 2,000 miles.


Had to run around a lot prior to flying out – a dentist appointment, some last minute errands, and then to the airport. Maybe if I’d had a few seconds more, I would have checked the flight prior to heading to the airport. Alas, I did not, so of course my flight to Chicago was cancelled. I called American Airlines from the line and was moved to a flight to Dallas. Upon arriving at the gate, their customer service person tells me that I’m not on the flight, because it’s closed. Interesting since their person on the phone told me I was confirmed. The desk agent tells me to call a toll-free number where again I’m told I have seats on the flight. When I tell this to the desk agent, she yells at me “I don’t care what Continue reading

Half as much Tina Fey

Update: An open letter to Tina

Mmmm – I love me some Tina Fey. So I shed a tear as I found out this morning that Tina Fey will be leaving Saturday Night Live this year for her new show 30 Rock.

I was looking forward to

  1. More than 10 minutes of Tina every week
  2. Tina twice a week

Anyway – the hardest part of writing this post was deciding what picture to include – so I include two.

Oh yeah – Rachel Dratch is leaving too.

30 Rock - 30 Rock, Season 1

Out of the frying pan…

So I’m jumping on a plane tomorrow. Time to escape the freaking heat. Only one problem – when I get off the plan, I’ll be in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Nice. :-|

So to all of my readers – you’ll have to live without me until next Monday.

(that is the sound of gasps all over the blogosphere).