• http://www.cynicsgirl.blogspot.com/ Cyn

    I’ve never been happier to live in Jersey. We lost a car in Hurricane Floyd in ’99 (Can you say, “Manayunk” boys & girls?) The flooding was on my due date for our 2nd child, so jokes about naming her Floyd abounded.

    We’ve just returned from a couple weeks on LBI (in a house with my parents and siblings, so not as lovely as it sounds) with only one evening of heavy rain. What a contrast weather-wise!

    But my dad drove home half-way through to find water in his usually-never-floods Chester County basement.

    We came home to a dead central air unit and a $3,225 bill for replacement.

    Cool photos though :)

  • http://stillbaking.blogspot.com suze

    wow. i love the pic on flickr with the geese swimming in the flood. they adapt to water everywhere don’t they?…