You’ve got to be kidding

I don’t know if everyone has heard the story of Vincent Ferrari, but he tried to cancel his AOL account. The video details what happened next.Why anyone has AOL at this point is beyond me. Isn’t having AOL akin to walking around with one of those old school bag phones?

Their customer service blows. If this video doesn’t convince you to change then there’s something wrong with you.

WNBC Today June 21 – Vincent Ferrari Interview
  • Scarlet

    When I heard about this I actually thought, “Did I ever cancel my AOL account?” haha!

  • Spencer

    This is one of those moments when could get into trouble since I know people with AOL. Of course I remember what it was like canceling it years ago.

  • Scarlet

    I only had it to get the free 3 months then I cancelled it.

  • radiocynic

    Only reason we still maintain an AOL account on the side is that we never had time to officially notify all of our email contacts of the address change, or transfer all of our archived email… mostly because of AOL’s STUPID proprietary email system — one of the things I hate most about their system.

    OTOH, they’re smart enough to offer (when insistently pressed) a reduced-usage plan of 3 hrs per month for $7 (used to be $4, of course), which is at least appropriate to hang onto those folks like us who don’t have time to totally escape their email clutches, or just need an emergency dialup backup.

    I recall it only being mildly complicated to switch to that plan, but I don’t exactly look forward to the conversation when I finally do get around to cancelling completely…

  • Spencer

    Tell you what – if you’re ever going to drop AOL, now is the time. Say thanks to Vincent for that.