Welcome to an all new A Rubber Door

Welcome to the all new A Rubber Door. I grew tired of blogger being down so I bought a new URL, and upgraded my server, and decided to go with WordPress (thanks to Merujo and Urban Jacksonville). I have to say that the installation is increadibly easy. There’s a tool that imports all of your posts and comments. Like a lot of programs today, WordPress is extensible through the use of plug-ins. Much more flexible than blogger.

A few cool changes:

  • Categorized posts
  • Comments RSS – that allows you to track comments
  • New archives system
  • Cool new header (thanks Todd)
  • And a lot more things I’ve forgotten or don’t know about yet

If you have a link to my site on your blog, please update it to http://www.iamspencer.com (the name is still A Rubber Door though).

Some of the links are broken at the top of the page, but if you find any problems, suggestion, or feedback – please let me know.

Update: the links are updated at the top.   The posting problem is fixed – now you don’t need to be logged in to post.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to an all new A Rubber Door

  1. nice spencer. i like it. I’ve been playing around with wordpress myself lately as i’m rather sick of blogger too. Did you go with their free hosting or do you have your own host? I’m playing with the free hosting right now and i’m having trouble figureing out how to modify the skin…

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