Great start to the morning

It’s not even 10 yet and it already looks like one of those days. Rushing to the train to find that my main route to the station is closed I have to take a detour. Taking the detour I get stuck behind a school bus. Get to the station on time I realize I forgot my iPod, yogurt, and vitamins.

All minor, but all annoying. Hope it gets better from here.

Funny thing on the train though. There are these people that are always on the train, and they look smart, and I always imagine them having funny intelligent type conversations. Well today I was sans iPod and I got to hear their conversation: wrestling, Playstation, and the best comment of the conversation “I saw Deuce Bigalow this weekend and laughed my ass off.” Now there’s nothing wrong with any of that – I’ve been known to watch WWE every once in awhile, and while I despise Rob Schneider everyone is allowed their guilty pleasures, and I own a Playstation – but it’s just funny how when I couldn’t hear them, I created my own dialogue in my head.

I feel like I just found out Santa Claus isn’t real.

4 thoughts on “Great start to the morning

  1. There are people here at work that think I’m really some great intellect. If only they knew that I’m a total groundling and laugh my ass off at the newscaster blunders on those damn blooper shows…

  2. Ugh I overheard the worst conversation ever that took place in front of the graphic novels section of Barnes and Noble. I will never get those few moments back.

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