Long overdue Phillies rant

This past Friday Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brett Myers was arrested for beating his wife in public. In the days since we have seen what is wrong with the Phillies organization and why it’s the worst in all of pro sports.

Myers was arrested around 1 A.M. Friday, June 23. His next start against the Red Sox was the very next day at 1:20 on national television. Phillies management chose to start him. Let me tell you all the reasons why this was wrong:

  1. He beat a woman in public. At the point where someone does this in public, you have to wonder what goes on in private. He probably has a problem. Give him and the team a day off to figure things out.
  2. The Phillies say it was a business decision and that this was his job and turn in the rotation. I have to think that Myers head wasn’t in the game 100%. Why not delay his start by a game or two?
  3. National television. Allowing him to pitch in this game was almost like congratulating him.

In the days since the Phillies have chosen not to comment leading to a firestorm of criticism here in Philadelphia. Instead of getting ahead of the story, they’ve allowed talk radio to run with it. All it would have taken was a statement saying that they don’t condone violence against women and that they will make sure, pending the investigation, that they take all steps to make sure Myers gets treatment and counseling. They could have even suspended him – Kenny Rogers got a 20 game suspension and a $50,000 fine (later reduced). Isn’t this worse?

Fact of the matter this is just another example as to why this organization is the worst in sports (they’re on pace to lose the 10,000 game in team history some time next year). They don’t care about public opinion and they don’t know how to run a team. Honestly they don’t even know how to run a business. I’ve been watching the Phillies for some 30 years now and they disgust me. From their ignorance of the fans to their inability to do the basics o winning more than you lose.
Back to the Myers situation. I’m sorry to focus on the baseball aspects of such a horrible action, but honestly I was writing the rant when this happened. It was almost as if they wanted to prove my point. The Phillies need someone to come to this team to teach them how to play, how to win, and maybe more importantly: how to be men. Until then, they deserve all bad that happens to them.

Breaking news:   Apparently Brett Myers has taken a leave of absense.

Just a thought

But Latinos — immigrants and those born in this country — are driving the population growth. They accounted for almost half the increase last year, more than any other ethnic or racial group. White non-Hispanics, who make up about two-thirds of the population, accounted for less than one-fifth of the increase.

So I read this in a story about the 300 million American being on target to be born this fall and realized that maybe this is why the Republicans and the Senate are so hot and heavy to stem the tide.   If the tide isn’t stemmed, there will come a time when they will not run the country.

I think I’ve been watching too much Oliver Stone.

All time favorite TV shows

Talking about this this morning; your all-time top television shows. Here are mine.

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – It’s annoying that so many people are too closed minded to have given this show a chance. Yes I know – vampires, but nothing was ever as well written and funny as this show.
  2. 24 – An incredible rush every week. And to make things better, the past two seasons have been run straight through without break until the end. Unlike Lost, you get all of the twists and turns with all the questions answered by the 24th hour.
  3. The X-Files – The best thing about this show is the Mulder Scully chemistry. Even with a strong mythology arc, the non-mythology episodes may have been better.
  4. Due South – What a shame this show was missed here in the states. Canadian born – an incredibly sly sense of humor and well acted to boot.
  5. The West Wing – The first 3 years were so well written, it allows you to forget the down years.

Give me yours.

Update: Let me add Angel to this list.   Just finished watching seasons 3 and 4 and just started 5.   While the best episodes of Buffy were better, Angel was more consistent. They also seemed to take more risks with Buffy – and for the most part the risks paid off.

Jon Brion Rarities

Kind of an oxymoron because Jon Brion has had a rarity type of career but anyway I saw a link to some rarities on the Pennlist and thought I would forward on.   For those of you not familiar Brion is mostly known for his production work (Aimee Mann I’m with Stupid Fiona Apple When the Pawn…) and his movie score work (Magnolia, I Heart Huckabees) but his cd Meaningless is a power-pop masterpiece.

Click here to get some Jon Brion rarities  

You’ve got to be kidding

I don’t know if everyone has heard the story of Vincent Ferrari, but he tried to cancel his AOL account. The video details what happened next.Why anyone has AOL at this point is beyond me. Isn’t having AOL akin to walking around with one of those old school bag phones?

Their customer service blows. If this video doesn’t convince you to change then there’s something wrong with you.

More bigots

Ozzie GuillenI’ve been writing a lot about bigots the last few weeks – it seems there are a lot of them out there. Chicago White Sox manager has been getting into trouble for his mouth for years and this week he got into more for calling a baseball player a “fag”. Of course he apoligized saying that he wasn’t insulting an entire group but in Venuzuela that’s just how they talk. But isn’t this the same guy that last year equated homosexuals to child molestors? Seems to me he knows and means what he says.

The White Sox need to not accept this behavior. I know he won a World Series last year, but some things are more important.