What happened on my vacation…

Nothing eventful. Oh yeah – I proposed to Kristen on Friday night, and she said yes (on a trial basis) ;)

Had this brilliant plan to replace Kristen’s menu with a menu I had written up. It was personalized and brilliant. The only problem is – she didn’t read the menu – kind of just skimmed it. So I’m sitting realizing “wow, I’m going to have ask her.” Which I did in ham-handed way, but it worked. We were also sitting at half-moon tables, so getting down on one knee was out of the question (thank god).

Then we went to see a filming of “Decades in Rock” – Elvis Costello with Fiona Apple, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Death Cab for Cutie. Great show that almost brought me to tears when Elvis did Fiona’s song I Know. Maybe the single best performance that I’ve seen.

We then headed from AC to Duck, North Carolina for the week (so maybe not a whole lot of updates this week).

9 thoughts on “What happened on my vacation…

  1. Excellent! That’s so great!

    I’m sure the EC show was pretty damn cool, too, judging from a couple of reviews I read, but it still kind of pales in comparison to this news.

    Have a great vacation, too. Congratulations to both of you, and watch out for all the advice from old married people!

  2. Congratulations guys!

    Engaged and then Elvis? What an excellent combo! (Looking forward to seeing the show when it airs, btw.)

    Of course, you know this means that if you have children at least one must be named Elvis.

    The menu idea was very clever — but I’m sure your ham-handedness was even sweeter.

  3. YAY, SPENCER!!!! Congratulations to you and Kristen!!!

    I can’t believe I haven’t checked your blog for a few days, and then – BAM! Memo to self: stay on top of stuff…


  4. Thanks all. Yes, the Elvis show was a good capper, but I think Kristen was still a little floored.

    As for the show – Fiona really stole the show, and the best performance was Elvis doing a Fiona song – so it really didn’t feel like an Elvis show. The cool thing was that they jumped right into the hits with no opening act.

    The annoying thing was all the little girls screaming for Billy Joe Armstrong whenever his name was even mentioned.

  5. My little Spencer is growing up! I’m so glad Kristen knows a good man when she sees one. I’m sure you have excellent taste, too (I would love to meet her one day). Congratulations to you both. Don’t listen to the whiners who complain about marriage, it’s the BABIES and KIDS who suck, not being married :)

    Best wishes to both of you.

  6. For others like me, who never did see the Apple/Costello “Decades of Rock” show — there are lots of clips on YouTube. Fiona doing “I Want You” is incredible – very intense. WOW.

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