Amazing Race – Coming in for a landing

mojo.jpgThe season finales are dwindling to a few including tomorrow night’s Amazing Race two hour end. I have to say if any of the three win, I’ll be fine with it. This year’s big bad MoJo was vanquished last week. No more crying (“this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done”). No more bitching (yields are unfair). No more seeing Monica bounce I mean run – damn it! Just the frats pretending they’re not gay. The hippies following and begging. And Ray and Yolanda (no nickname) being ignored as a threat.

My prediction: I’m not feeling the hippie love, although I’d like to see them win – they make crucial mistakes. Ray and Yolanda – maybe but I’m going with the frats – then they can come out of the closet as they star in the next season of Queer Eye.


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