RIP – Grant W. McLennan (Freaky iPod)

Howard does a little series called Freaky iPod and this one is pretty freaky. Yesterday I found out that Go-Betweens lead singer Grant W. McLennan died in his sleep earlier this week at age 48 (too young and too reminiscent of Joe Strummer’s death).

Anyway today I pick up my car from service and plug my iPod in which is shuffling through all 6,000 songs on the player and the first song it chooses? The Go-Betweens’ No Reason to Cry…weird huh?

The iPod has a way of knowing.

RIP Grant….

One thought on “RIP – Grant W. McLennan (Freaky iPod)

  1. I’m sorry to hear that someone you respected passed away.

    I’m glad that it’s just not me that the iPod does this to. Nothing weird has happened recently, but I’m probably missing some things from the hectic schedule I’ve had of late.

    I’m still reading though thanks to Safari’s RSS reader! Love Apple!

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