You can take the Chloe out of 24…


That familiar scowl.

Replace that guitar with a taser.

Could it be?

It could only be – yes it is – Mary Lynn Rajskub from 24 was slumming it up on Gilmore Girls last night. (I didn’t actually watch so I can’t tell you what she did other than sing and strum a guitar).

Maybe Kristen might?

5 thoughts on “You can take the Chloe out of 24…

  1. There was a D-subplot on Gilmore Girls involving “troubadours” coming into town in the hopes of being discovered by Neil Young’s tour manager. Chloe set up her guitar in the background of one scene, which then transitioned into her singing (quite nicely I might add). A doofus from the town interrupts her and she turns into Chloe in all her full bitchface glory to get rid of him. Very nice.

  2. We (the co-workers and I that love watching 24) found an employee (from another department) who is deadringer for Chloe, scowl and all… we’re thinking that there’s an undercover operation going on at work… after all it is a financial company.

  3. Kristen might hate you for that Shirley because she knows I have a strange attraction to Chloe and her trademark bitchiness. Of course the real Mary Lynn used to date Jon Brion and has all sorts of cool music tie ins – making her even cooler.

  4. Ahh yes, I watch 24 and I am familiar with Chole she is awesome, I watched this episode of Gilmore Girls a long time ago when I had bought the series of shows, and I about went nuts! I screamed “Is that Chole?!” In fact, I’m watching 24 right now. :)

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