Moussaoui verdict – my thoughts

I’ve avoided saying anything about this trial for the length and now that we have a verdict, no time better than now.

There are many people that hate the U.S. and in their own way have supported terrorism against the U.S. Zacarias Moussaoui hated us, our government, our way of life, everything American. He may have participated in the 9/11 plot, but it seems the evidence to support that was thin.

Alexander Santora’s position shifted the other way. His son Christopher was a firefighter who died in New York on Sept. 11. Santora said he originally wanted Moussaoui sentenced to life imprisonment, but changed his mind when he heard the al-Qaida conspirator testify, showing no remorse.

Santora called Moussaoui “guilty as sin. A bullet in his brain would have been a just reward.”

Moussaoui was convicted because we hate what he represents and that he showed no remorse. In that sense, he was always guilty and therefore this trial was simply a formality.

I for one have little respect for our legal system because it puts a premium on retribution at the cost of true justice. I hate this man as much as the next – but my hate doesn’t mean guilt. The rules of evidence decide that. And in our country those rules are ignored to fit the desire of the people.

What good are principles so easily abandoned?

2 thoughts on “Moussaoui verdict – my thoughts

  1. I thought he pled guilty and the trial was only dealing with the death sentence vs. life imprisonment issue? Or am I confused?

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