Faith is loud

While on vacation one of our housemates was accosted by some one who decided to share his faith in Christianity with her. He would not stop until she had to say “Leave me the fuck alone”. This on top of the Kansas “minister” that has been protesting at funerals of homesexual Iraq War dead and I just wonder why these people can’t just keep to themselves?

Why is their opinion so important?

Anyway – I’m having a hard time getting back in the blogging groove since I’ve returned. I’ll get back to normal soon enough.

I’m back

Recap of my vacation, Amazing Race Style:

1 Engagement
3 TV Finales (Desperate Housewives, 24, and Lost – comments to come)
6 States
12 Hardees
537 Songs played on my iPod
800 Miles

I’m back to Conshohocken with still a 3 day weekend to go.

The best things I saw on my vacation:

Proof I was in the South

Finally saw some wild horses

What happened on my vacation…

Nothing eventful. Oh yeah – I proposed to Kristen on Friday night, and she said yes (on a trial basis) ;)

Had this brilliant plan to replace Kristen’s menu with a menu I had written up. It was personalized and brilliant. The only problem is – she didn’t read the menu – kind of just skimmed it. So I’m sitting realizing “wow, I’m going to have ask her.” Which I did in ham-handed way, but it worked. We were also sitting at half-moon tables, so getting down on one knee was out of the question (thank god).

Then we went to see a filming of “Decades in Rock” – Elvis Costello with Fiona Apple, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Death Cab for Cutie. Great show that almost brought me to tears when Elvis did Fiona’s song I Know. Maybe the single best performance that I’ve seen.

We then headed from AC to Duck, North Carolina for the week (so maybe not a whole lot of updates this week).

Those damn hippies!

The end of Amazing Race 9 wasn’t as tense as the Amazing Race 7 end but it was still entertaining. My prediction of the frat boys was off but the hippies deserved to win – I love the brain teasing end rewarding brains over brawn.

I would love CBS to do an Amazing Race reunion after every season end – the same way Survivor does.

Still too many finales to go.

Thom Yorke solo CD coming

Looks like Thom Yorke of Radiohead will be releasing a solo cd. Also sounds like it will be like Kid A/Amnesiac. And no – they’re not breaking up.

The following message was sent to the Radiohead fan list…

this is just a note to say that something has been kicking around in the background that i have not told you about.
its called The Eraser.
nigel produced & arranged it .
i wrote and played it.
the elements have been kicking round now for a few years and needed to be finished & i have been itching to do something like this for ages.
it was fun and quick to do.
inevitably it is more beats & electronics.
but its songs.
stanley did the cover.
yes its a record!
no its not a radiohead record.
as you know the band are now touring and writing new stuff and getting to a good space so i want no crap about me being a traitor or whatever splitting up blah blah…
this was all done with their blessing. and i don’t wanna hear that word solo. doesnt sound right.
ok then thats that.

i think its out in july and im pretty certain XL are going to put it out.

love thom

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Amazing Race – Coming in for a landing

mojo.jpgThe season finales are dwindling to a few including tomorrow night’s Amazing Race two hour end. I have to say if any of the three win, I’ll be fine with it. This year’s big bad MoJo was vanquished last week. No more crying (“this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done”). No more bitching (yields are unfair). No more seeing Monica bounce I mean run – damn it! Just the frats pretending they’re not gay. The hippies following and begging. And Ray and Yolanda (no nickname) being ignored as a threat.

My prediction: I’m not feeling the hippie love, although I’d like to see them win – they make crucial mistakes. Ray and Yolanda – maybe but I’m going with the frats – then they can come out of the closet as they star in the next season of Queer Eye.


Random thoughts

One post – many topics…

Hillary Rodham Clinton apologizes to Chelsea
This past weekend Senator Clinton apologized to her daughter Chelsea because she implied that she doesn’t work hard. What Clinton said was “young people have a sense of entitlement after growing up in a “culture that has a premium on instant gratification.” She also said that young people today “think work is a four-letter word”. Chelsea called the Senator upset, saying “Mom, I do work hard and my friends work hard,'” – and then the 26-year old returned to her six-figure salary job. Seems like Ms. Clinton might have taken this a little too personal?

To be serious – what Senator Clinton needs to realize is that there isn’t an aversion to work – but an aversion to what the government and specifically corporate america has to offer. I’m sort of in between at 37 years old – but I count the friends that are happy with their job on one hand, And what might appear as an aversion to work might be better characterized as apathy and disenchantment. Someone send her a copy of Office Space.

Walking the streets of Philly
Walking to work from the train station this morning, my path was blocked by a SEPTA construction vehicle that decided at the last minute that it wasn’t a good idea to run a red light. The city of Philadelphia is installing traffic cameras, talking about getting countdown pedestrian signs, but when it comes to the simple pedestrian laws – there’s no one enforcing them. Crosswalks are where cars wait for the light to change. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured. And in a city that is grappling with homicides, no one cares.

Gun violence in Philadelphia
In today’s Inquirer columnist Nate House wondered where is the outrage with all the young people being killed by gun violence in this city. As of May 8, 127 people have been murdered in Philadelphia – and while this rate is down, I bet that people that live in North Philadelphia feel more threatened than ever. Let me tell Mr. House why there is no outrage – the people that are being killed are predominantly young black males and the majority of those in this state still believe blacks are worth a fraction their lives. The rulers in this state simply don’t care. They see this as a city problem, a democrat problem which means it’s a black problem – and they will get no heat from their backwater constituents to do anything to save the lives of the children who die every day on our streets. Want to know when there will be outrage – when some young, pretty blonde girl is killed. Then all of a sudden, there will be a problem with guns.

Libya is off the known terrorist list – but Cuba…
No greater example of political pandering than this. Libya has a history of terrorist attacks while Cuba not so much. Yet Cuba is still persona non-grata to the U.S. government. There is no reason for this. Our embargo keeps poor Cubans poorer. The only reason we continue to view Cuba this way is because of the political clout Cubans wield in Florida. Otherwise we deal with countries that are far greater threats than Cuba ever was.

Lighter stuff
Saturday night ESPN spent the first 10 minutes of Baseball Tonight talking about the the Giants/Dodgers game and the fact that Barry Bonds didn’t hit home run 714. I am tired of this pre-occupation with Bonds. The media has spent so much time villifiying Bonds for damaging the sport, but yet is so fascinated with the story they are ignoring the rest of the league to cover.

West Wing ended last night and ended well. Loved the fact that even until last night, the show was written as if there was a tomorrow.

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