2 thoughts on “Six Degrees featuring Jenna Bush and Michael Penn

  1. I’m sure we all have old photos we’d like to destroy — thankfully mine aren’t circulating on the internet. I’m guessing early 90’s on this one (remembering my own over-the-top fashion statements of that time period) but I may be off a year or two.

    Yeah, isn’t this story nearly as ancient as the picture? Not really, of course, but I was thinking this happened last spring, not last fall. You would know best though.

    Honestly, Jenna must know her dad’s a goober. Really. I was going to compliment her taste in music, but if she was drunk and sucking face during Michael’s performance than she wasn’t paying enough attention to warrant a compliment. I mean, there’s a time and place for drunken face-sucking, but save it for after the show!

    When I hear news stories about the president’s approval rating hitting another all-time low, I feel somewhat vindicated in that my opinion of him since, well, forever is that he is a vacant teleprompter-reading politician who was elected by virtue of his father’s name. But my mind remains boggled that the man was re-elected. I still can’t freakin’ believe it. And it scares me.

  2. Poor marketing on the democrats side. We needed to pick a candidate that was a great alternative and we picked Kerry. Sad.

    It must be tough to be in your twenties and a Bush daughter – where could you go to hear friendly words about your dad other than the White House?

    Of course – the silver spoon they have in their mouth would be the same that got their father into the White House. Kind of scary when you think of the possibilities.

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