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logan.jpgI’ve been meaning to write about 24 since last week. This is a show where you’re looking to be shocked and it amazes me that they’re able to continue surprising us. As recently as January I called President Logan the biggest pussy in Presidential TV history – witness my shock when the big bad is none other than Logan himself. Entertainment Weekly said that Gregory Itzin deserved an Emmy for his portrayal of Logan and this was before we realized he was the bad guy. Of course he’s been quoted as saying he didn’t even know he was the bad guy until 2 episodes prior to the reveal. This has to be the whoa shit moment of the year he and the writers had me totally fooled – I never thought Logan had the cajones to pull all of this off. It’s a master stroke because the fact that Cumming is now dead makes it plausible that the President would even be talking to Christopher Henderson – he has no choice.BTW – while I’m congratulating the writers one thing has me bothered – with all the crap that Jack is carrying around in his purse and a Treo that can bring down terrorist plots (while mine can barely make a phone call) – why didn’t Jack make a copy of that phone call? Don’t tell me he didn’t have time – it was a 30 second conversation. It would only make sense that there would be a copy someplace. Also couldn’t Jack have given a number to the little girl to call instead of just leaving her by herself with her wounded mother? I am so glad that they didn’t show them getting killed.

Anyway – this show gets better year to year – you can’t say that about most shows – but this year they’ve thankfully avoided the side stories that made us groan (President Palmer’s girlfriend, Kim and her battle of wits with the cougar – how she won I’ll never know).

Hmmm – I think I owe you 20 more thoughts but I’m full out.

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  1. The most illogical thing about this year though, has got to be the First Lady subplot. I mean, in the course of mere hours her husband tried to have her shipped off to the funny farm, then was ready to have terrorists take her out, and still she asks him to come to bed with a come hither undertone?

    Thought the most awesome part of the last episode was Audrey’s blood dripping out her sleeve — and all it implied — it was subtle (for 24, at least) yet so frighteningly brutal.

  2. i’m loving this season of 24 – soooo much better than it’s been in recent years.

    I agree with the mishandling of the first-lady’s character. She could have been much better utilized than she has been.

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