Spaz off

I am so tired of political correctness – today Tiger Woods had to apologize for using the term spaz because in certain countries that term is derogatory. So apparently Woods is to keep track of every word that may have a different meaning than here in the U.S. and eliminate it from his vocabulary?

Seriously I’m upset. Here in the states we all know what a spaz is – hey I’ve spazzed out on more than a few occasions. I refuse to have one of my top 2,000 words removed from my vocabulary. Hell no.

3 thoughts on “Spaz off

  1. I agree, Spencer – this was total crap. Tiger isn’t British. Do we have to start apologizing for using “fanny packs” (considering the UK meaning of fanny.)

    I heard a British celebrity on U.S. TV the other day – he needed a cigarette, and said he was going to “step out to smoke a fag.” I don’t see any American gays complaining that his words sounded awfully like U.S. slang for shooting a homosexual.

    Sorry. Didn’t mean to have a spaz in your comments…

  2. It’s almost as annoying that tiger gave into it. I guess when you’re a multi-million dollar organization – you give up any right to be true to yourself.

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