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It’s been awhile since I’ve written (honestly I wrote a long post about the double standard where women say things that if a man were to say would cause such a stir, but accidentally deleted it – it sucked any way). I honestly can’t think of a thing to write about. 24 is awesome – hoh hum. No good music this year – I think that every year. The Bush Administration got caught in a lie – that’s new.

My good friend Grace and I got into a disagreement this week about the protests in regards to immigration reform. That was two days ago – and honestly old news. What the hell? Ok – I’m switching over to….Salon and the top headline will be my subject – drum roll: god damn – Bush and his web o’ lies.

Here’s my thing – this guy is the Teflon don of Presidents. Clinton had two things – Whitewater an Lewinsky, other than that normal old presidency stuff. Bush would make Nixon blush – every day there’s another lie. Was reading a Newsweek article titled Leaker in Chief about the current scandal and the games that this administration have played with us through the manipulation of the media are mind-numbing. Grrr.

One music thought – I don’t know why the press has been giving the new Morrissey CD Ringleader of the Tormentors such mediocre reviews. I really like it so far – and I wasn’t a fan of Morrissey until the last CD.
Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentors

4 thoughts on “Writer’s block

  1. I have to admit, I love the Moz, and, while I cannot quite explain it, the man has a bizarre animal magnetism in concert that makes even relatively mild-mannered middle-aged women swoon. Swear to god. I need to go procure the new CD. I loved his last one.

    I just sent a link to friends back home in Illinois – from Dan Savage of “Savage Love” comes… ITMFA! http://itmfa.com/

    I’m going to buy one of the ITMFA hats, walk the three blocks from my office down to the White House and take a photo of myself.

  2. If my blog was a serious one rather than (one that attempts to be) funny, I’d probably write about the three-year-old boy (black) in Chester County who was taken from the (white) foster family who wanted to adopt him and given to a black family. At least on the surface it all seems so very wrong.

    I may relate better to this than you since not only am I a parent, but my brother is adopted. But the whole thing really pisses me off.

    Granted, the public may not be getting all the facts — but since the Chester County officials are so tight-lipped about their reasons, and the way they showed up unannounced to remove the boy three days earlier than scheduled…

    Maybe I’m totally naive, but it boggles my mind that decisions could possibly be made based on something as superficial as the color of someone’s skin.

    Just a topic suggestion…then again, when I have writer’s block I usually just write about weiners.

  3. I read an article in the Sunday Inquirer about this and wondered about the cultural loss argument. I think that a lot can be gained by sharing cultures and making a new ones. For example, in the African-American community – specifically the lower income community, education is not part of the culture. Now look at the siginfigance that Asians put on education and the resulting difference in median salaries between Asians and the general public. We should all look at how Asian families treat education and look to take in those ideas that we can apply in our lives – but that idea is taboo to many. We cling to our stereotypes even if they hold us back.

  4. At least one cd this year doesn’t suck — the one my record label released. Check out the new one from Paula Kelley — http://www.paulakelley.com — she’s gone through the last ten years of her demos, etc. and remixed them with new material. Check out the trumpets in her cover of “Burnin’ for You.”

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