4 thoughts on “Why didn’t I write this book

  1. Love it. An extraordinary amount of thought and effort expended to cover a seemingly menial topic. I thoroughly approve.

    However, I grew up with a mother who called the front passenger seat the “Death Seat” (and you wonder where my phobias come from?) So for some reason, I’ve never personally called shotgun…

  2. BTW, my first comment was deleted after I discovered a typo post-posting.

    Although I suppose it could appear far more sinister if I didn’t explain and just let the “comment deleted” speak for itself. (And we’re all about the sinister here in suburbia, aren’t we?)

  3. That’s brilliant. Sometimes, my friends and I call shotgun “bullethead” after an extremely vacant woman we knew who honestly thought that was the term. All we needed was that one time we heard her yell out “I call ‘bullethead’!” And that was it.

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