What Constitution?

Yesterday I was watching some local news – you know for entertainment. The story was about some New Jersey town enacting a law to limit where registered sex offenders can live (registered makes it sound so legal). It appears that every town in New Jersey is enacting this type of law – it’s a domino effect where each city doesn’t want to be the defacto sex offender city. So all of these people will end up in the few places that don’t enact this type of law. The reporter asked a councilwoman about this and the fact that they may end up in Camden or Philadelphia and through the biggest smile ever she said “that’s not our problem”.

First off I’m not supporting these criminals – I do however support this pesky little thing we call The Constitution. Since when do we allow low brow, paranoid, suburbanites to disregard the Constitution (not coming out against all suburbanites)? I know we want to protect children – but shipping sex offenders off to poor cities isn’t the answer, it’s just avoiding the problem. These same people will soon be complaining about the taxes going to the poor in these same cities.

It is amazing how the rights that many have died for are constantly being eroded in the name of law and order.

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