I know I’m a little late – but now I’m on board – no more Tom Cruise for me. The boycott has started. Now that’s a little like swearing off a nail in the head, but he has gotten my money in the past – no more. If last year wasn’t enough – this year he’s forced Isaac Hayes off of South Park. One day the drugs are going to wear off and Katie is going to have a hell of a story. Of course she’s got a little thetan in her, but I digress…

So apparently someone is running an ad against the grand master, or whatever cruise calls himself. Actually the ad is against scientology and paid for by their foes. WOO HOO – Scientology has foes? Oh yeah – non-insane people.

Why pay for Tom Cruise movies when his real life is much more entertaining?

4 thoughts on “NO MORE CRUISE!

  1. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade… or boycott. And take it with whatever amount of salt you would like; however, don’t let it stop your anti-Cruise campaign!

    This story just showed up on imdb this evening about how it’s quite possible that the whole thing might be a publicity stunt. The kind that bloggers would jump all over.

    I don’t mind being used when I know upfront that there are no strings. :)

  2. I can’t imagine Parker and Stone taking advantage of Hayes’ illness in this way. Of course everyone will be watching South Park tomorrow to see what will happen.

    If I had to bet on who would quit for Hayes, I would bet on Cruise.

    So the boycott is still on!

  3. Welcome to the anti-Cruise ship. C’mon board!

    L. Ron Hubbard was a lousy sci-fi writer who figured out how to relieve rich and insecure people of their money. I just have to wonder, do some of these peeps get to the “clear Thetan” level, get privy to the whole Xenu/alien warlord spirit thing, stop and say, “Holy crap! This is all BS, after all!”

    I wish…

  4. oh my, welcome to the anit-cruise ship. my boycott started the minute he jumped on oprah’s couch, and I haven’t missed his movies one little bit. :)cd

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