Singer Isaac Hayes quits “South Park” – good riddance

Singer Isaac Hayes is quitting “South Park” and I have to say this is the most hypocritical thing I’ve heard in awhile. Hayes had no problem with SP blasting religions until his was the target. So all these years he took the money and fame that came his way due to his involvement with the show and turned a blind eye, took the money, and ran.

Another thing – I know people are serious about their religion, but this is what he has problem with enough to quit? Not naked Ben Afleck in Cartman’s bed? Not Scott Tetterman must die? Not anal sex between Saddaam Hussein and Satan?

You talk about a screwed up set of priorities. I say good riddance.

One thought on “Singer Isaac Hayes quits “South Park” – good riddance

  1. I notice you changed your profile picture as well. :)

    Matt Stone’s comment about Hayes cashing all the checks they gave him was pretty much to the point. Loved it.

    I hope it’s just not my smart friends who see the hypocrisy here. Rhetorical question: What is up with religious fervor?

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