Caller ID on Macintosh

callerid-0.jpgI have to HIGHLY recommend the program Silica for mac users that have caller id and a mac with a modem (not all do these days). Silica is simple – it provides an on screen display for any call coming in along with details it finds from your address book (picture and name) right on your monitor and that’s all it does. No more running to find the phone to see if you want to answer it. The installation is easy because there really isn’t one – just download it and start the program running. It’s also very customizable, allowing you to change position of the window, the color, and various timing options.Couple of notes – You need OS X although if you’re not using OS X why don’t you put OS 9 and your abacus away. Second, some of the current macs (all of them?) don’t come with modems – although there is a USB modem available made by Apple. Finally – you need to have Caller ID from your phone service (had to say it – someone would think this adds it).

If you use your computer a lot, Silica is really helpful.

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