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Alrighty – so I missed a few things over the past few days…

Domino’s Owner Thomas Monoghan is creating his own town in Southwest Florida where abortion wouldn’t be legal, where contraceptives wouldn’t be available, and porn – well you get the point. This town will be called Ave Maria and apparently the law of the country doesn’t apply to people that live there. A man’s money trumps the constitution in this country.

Both Mississippi and South Dakota will apparently be attempting to outlaw abortion in their states. In South Dakota the law has no exceptions. This is all to force a Roe v. Wade fight to the Supreme Court stocked with Bush appointees. Since the Republicans don’t like the constitution – it’s their aim to change it. Sure Bush being President cant be too harmful.

And finally RIP to Don Knots, Dennis Weaver, and most importantly Herm Ludwig.

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