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On Action News tonight the big story was about a woman who was once a man – unfortunately for her, she is a public school teacher and therefore needs to deal with the current generation of parents that fear (and meet about) everything. Every night on TV there’s some school board meeting about something. It’s as if they have nothing better else to do. These parents are trying to get rid of a teacher that has done nothing wrong. One parent said that the children will know something is wrong. Yes, because you called attention to it. Give me a fucking break.

Since when does having a child mean that you have the right to take away rights from others?

4 thoughts on “Tonight’s Big Story

  1. I saw this story in the newspaper today (dinosaur that I am, I still read the paper.) At least the school board had the sense to permit the teacher to continue on. Although it did cross my cynical mind that they were probably afraid of a lawsuit if they ruled otherwise.

    Having grade school children myself, I feel fairly certain that the whole transsexual concept would not disturb most kids. At least my kids would just shrug it off.

    And even if it did raise some questions, it would provide a good opportunity for a lesson in tolerance and accepting other people’s differences.

  2. I think it’s a huge step that they let her return to work. I am still appalled that people can be such wankers that they make a big deal about someone’s personal life choices, but our society is what it is and thankfully we seem to be moving toward acceptance. There have been no riots there, right? I shouldn’t even mention that…
    : )

  3. Fortunately it happened in New Jersey and not my home state of Pennsylvania. NJ tends to be one of the more progressive states (No Roe v. Wade issues there).

  4. Those parents are behaving awfully. WTF? I don’t get the whole obsession.

    Incidentally- having gender reassignment surgery in your 70s is ballsy. Good for her.

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