Missing Vanity Fair Photos

I know everyone is looking for the missing photos from the Scarlett Johansson, Kiera Knightly Vanity Fair photo shoot – here’s one:

Now everyone knows what I was doing in NYC all the time.

6 thoughts on “Missing Vanity Fair Photos

  1. Spencer, we agreed that photo was going to be a secret! If you don’t take it down immediately, I’ll be forced to reveal our ongoing passionate affair to Kristen!


  2. You know what would be even cooler is if I would edit my comments. The one posted at 4:22 (which I am deleting) should have read as follows:

    Holy Crap! I know what you look like now! I had an image in my mind, but the only thing the same is that you’re stilled surrounded by beautiful women a la Felix Da Housecat. Yeah, baby!

  3. Um, now that the initial funny of seeing you there amidst the ladies has subsided, I have to wonder why, oh why, would any successful actress would want her posterior preserved for posterity? It all seems way too blatant.

    It may be a sign of my age, but I felt somewhat embarrassed to be looking at Scarlet’s, um, assests. Although I was happy to see that I am not the whitest white person alive, as previously thought.

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