Greedy NFL Bastards – Alumni edition

If you noticed that former Super Bowl MVP’s Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana were a no show for last night’s pre-game cerimonies – it comes out today that they didn’t show because of money – or rather a lack there of. Apparently Montana demanded $100,000 to show and when the league didn’t cave he didn’t show and said he had to attend an important basketball game. Bradshaw said he wanted to spend time with his family.

Give me a break – what important basketball game runs counter to the Super Bowl? And Terry – your family could have spent time with you at the Super Bowl – how cool would that be to walk in and be honored at a Super Bowl where your former team is participating?

While Bradshaw could never really sink lower in my opinion, my opinion of Montana takes a huge hit with this.

BTW – Congratulations to the Steelers. While one for the thumb doesn’t mean shit to me when my beloved Eagles don’t even have one, I’m glad to see Jerome Bettis and Bill Cowher win and a generation of fans that have gone without a championship, finally get one.

One thought on “Greedy NFL Bastards – Alumni edition

  1. $1,000 for incidentals on top of transportation and game tickets? I could have taken Terry Bradshaw’s place. It couldn’t be any more complex than his prep for the NFL on FOX every Sunday. Just load me up with a six pack and let me run onto the field.

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