Jack Bauer is one bad Mofo


I am going to assume that everyone has seen last night’s episode of 24. If you haven’t you really should be watching it now instead of reading my blog; last night’s episode was another example of why 24 is the best show on television. It is so good that even the commercial breaks are too long to wait for more action – much less the week in between shows.

Some points from last night:

  • Does President Logan realize how close Jack was to killing him? Jack says that Cummings was responsible for President Palmer’s death I’m thinking the two first words out of your mouth shouldn’t be “I know”. If he weren’t the President I’m sure we would have had our second beheading of the series.
  • Has there been a bigger pussy in Presidential TV history than Logan? Speaking of which, I’m guessing he’s not getting any tonight.
  • How bad is Jack? He found those responsible for Palmer’s death in under 6 hours! JFK has been dead for almost 32 years and there are still questions revolving his assassination.
  • Who made a bigger mess of their pants last night? Samwise Gamgee (Lynn) or Walt?
  • What the hell is Audrey’s problem? She apologizes for being distant? Jack’s been at CTU for 30 minutes, been interrogated and attacked. I’m thinking he didn’t have a ton of time to worry about how distant she’s been. And could she pick a better time to call? BTW – the new girlfriend is way hotter and even with annoying son, less annoying than Audrey.

Question for next week: Who was behind the bed? Kim? A cougar? Nina? (I know she’s dead – but don’t put it past the producers to do it and make it plausible). My vote – Agent Charlie Brown (Agent Chase Edmunds from Season 3).

3 thoughts on “Jack Bauer is one bad Mofo

  1. From the haircut I thought it was the awesomely crazy First Lady’s gopher girl, but I think it’s time for the inevitable naked bisexual terrorist extraordinaire Mandy sighting. The fanboys will be all atwitter! God I miss the cougars.

  2. I’m lol-ing at your commentary, Spencer.

    I said the same thing to Randy about the new girlfriend being so much better looking than Audrey (he agreed.) Not to be catty, but either the woman playing Audrey had a nose job gone horribly wrong, or she was just born with a nose that veers strangely off center. Either way, I find it disturbing (I’m easily disturbed.)

    Oh yeah, the knife under the eyeball thing was a little disturbing as well.

    We were rolling our eyes during that whole Audrey-Jack phone call. The obligatory romance always throws off the pacing IMHO.
    But it does give us something to make fun of.

    I didn’t really get a good look at the person hiding behind the bed, but I conjectured at the time that it was Tony, having made a miraculous recovery. But I’d love it to be the ghost of Nina. Yeah, that’s what Jack needs, to be torn between Audrey and the ghost of his former lover/nemesis…

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