Money to burn

The following is from a CNN article about the record profit Exxon/Mobil collected in Q4 2005.

Exxon Mobil’s 2005 net income for the year comes to $1,146 a second. That per-second profit is enough to pay for gas for the average American vehicle to be driven 10,294 miles, at current gasoline prices.

This makes me so angry. Our President does nothing. Our Congress does nothing. Seemingly we do nothing. We’ve let corporate america run amok in this country.

2 thoughts on “Money to burn

  1. Ahhh, but now he’s suddenly concerned with oil and where it comes from and how it will affect our future. suddenly there is money to explore alternatives (30 years too late). What is going on? Oh, yeah, it’s an election year, so he has to appeal to left-leaning people. Even as he pledges to rise above election-year politics, bless his heart.

    There is nothing better in democracy than reactionary politics. It burns my cockles.

  2. I seem to recall Cheney and Scott McClellan saying a few years back that American’s didn’t need to alter their behavior.

    He isn’t too concerned – his bank account is loving it.

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