A Bone to pick with Fox

The girlfriend and I will be losing our favorite drinking game this week when Bones (1 drink anytime the word “bones” or “bone” is said; 2 when Bones says “I don’t know what that means”) is moved to Wednesdays opposite Lost and Veronica Mars. We usually watch Lost and record VM. But in Fox’s great wisdom they have decided to move Bones against two shows that have the same audience and fanatical fans. Why do networks do this? What a huge mistake Fox is making. The move shows little respect or concern for the fans.

So I wrote a letter to Fox and I will be watching Lost and recording Veronica Mars leaving no room for Bones. Hopefully they will reconsider or at the least show it at a second time during the week such as the WB does with shows like Smallville and Supernatural.

Write Fox to express your disappointment

5 thoughts on “A Bone to pick with Fox

  1. I just have to say, if you are already have 2 TV shows, and are dissapointed that you can’t watch a third, perhaps the problem isn’t the networks, maybe you should watch less TV.

  2. This is an excellent point.

    I just realized I have shows on every night of the week except for Friday and Saturday nights. For christ sake I still watch ER – why would anyone do that.

    Reduction is hard – I had reduced my TV watching and then the girlfriend and I started cohabitating and I started watching her shows and vice versa. Also I think TV is better now than it has been in awhile.

    Anyway – bite me Ryan.

  3. heehee. i love the snark…

    i noticed the switch with bones (although i only really watch for david.) and freaked. and then realized that we no longer get UPN. which solves the dilema but means that *sniff* no more Vmars for me until the season 2 dvd set is out…

  4. I notice we watch more tv since we got a DVR. It’s so easy to watch crap now – just click a button and boom every Law & Order CI is taped (yes I do). Kristen taped Skating with the stars for christ sake.

    Anyway our DVR is on the fritz and Comcast doesn’t have any replacements in stock. We may have to go old school and use the VCR – or even talk to one another!

    (BTW – Ryan is an annoying friend so he can be a wiseass I guess)

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