TV is back

Woo hoo – the first 2 hours of 24 rocked!

Read comments for thoughts.

Are you watching? You won’t breathe until the show is over.

4 thoughts on “TV is back

  1. Sorry about putting plot details in the previous version of the post – although I waited until the show was done. I will continue to do this, but will wait until the next day from now on.

    As I was watching I said “They’re going to kill President Palmer.” and then seconds later the bullet rang out. When Michlle and Tony were attacked I was shocked. Of course this left us with the best part of the show, Chloe with a gun.

    So far so good, no annoying side stories; no cougars; and although we did have one annoying kid, he did redeem himself in the end.

    Question – how can there be a mole so close to the President? Second question – who let the cat out of the bag that Jack was alive?

  2. Okay, still haven’t watched Monday night’s show, but yeah, Sunday’s two hours had all we watch 24 for.

    Although I do have to say we were heckling through the part with the teenage kid. Who wants to bet he will end up hooking up with Jack’s daughter? (Although I suppose by now she’s an older woman…)

    And how does Jack always manage to have a love interest, even when he’s so freakin’ intense, secretive, killing people in cold blood, etc.

    Not to mention the women in his life often end up dead. Or at least kidnapped…

  3. apparently in the season 4 dvds there is a ‘prequel’ to season 5 that hints at how people found out jack was alive. check out the television without pity summary for the details…(i didn’t see it myself so i’m relaying this info somewhat third hand…)

    i’m excited for this season, as long as they can keep it going and not suck in the middle like they often do.

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