Macintosh Intel: Obsolescence by innovation

I knew this day would come. Apple introduced a new iMac that uses Intel processors. This effectively makes the iMac G5 I purchased in October 2004 obsolete. This doesn’t bother me as I expect that computers will go obsolete. I didn’t expect that a new, top of the line computer, wouldn’t be obsolete so soon but this is what happens with computers. What does bother me is Apple’s habit of providing significant upgrades so soon after minor ones.

Apple knew this computer was coming when the last iMac was released in October 2005. So my question is this: why release the last one? Many people purchased new iMacs for the holiday and then what does Apple do – release an even newer one 10 days after the holiday season is over.

Of course Apple has a habit of doing this. Last August I bought the newly released iPod thinking “this is a new upgrade, I’m safe for a bit.” Of course a little over 2 months later they release the iPod Video. Last winter they upgraded the iPod Mini only to eliminate it by releasing the Nano a few months later.

I’ve owned 5 macs since 1986 and am a professed Mac fanatic and Apple’s innovation is legendary but it comes with a price borne by those that are their most ardent supporters. We are taken advantage of.

I will never buy another computer other than one running an Apple operating system. It used to be counter culture, but now it’s really about owning a machine that’s better than a Windows machine. All that said, I warn anyone buying a Mac to wait and really think about it. Do your research. Look at the rumor sites. Only after you’re sure do you buy a new Mac.

Not they are out to screw you but they’re out to screw you. Trust me I will be following my advice the next time I need a computer – which unfortunately is too soon for my taste.

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  1. Word, as usual. While not a Macador, I have sidestepped the issue quite nicely by sticking with the same craptastic Gateway laptop I bought in 1999 for ten trillion dollars. The Gateway is buggy and slow and crappy, but it’s always been that way, so I’m never surprised or disappointed by it. I guess I’m some sort of Luddite, but my piece of techno trash gets me by just fine.

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