Fiona Apple in Philly (Tower Theater)

Last week Friday I was luck to see Fiona Apple at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. She ran through most if not all of the songs from Extraordinary Machine and When the Pawn… and the hits from her debut Tidal. I love the fact that there all these young people there listening to what has to be considered a throwback singer. It’s almost as if she’s a jazz singer but not quite.

I never have great “special guest stories” (I did run into Warren Zevon once at a Freedy Johnston concert – had a conversation with him and didn’t know who he was until Freedy called him up on stage) but ?uestlove of the Roots joined Fiona for a couple of songs including my fave “Limp”. Those are the the things that make attending concerts priceless.

She was so good, I wish I had seen both shows last week. Of course then I would have to of put up with concert goers two days in a row and that may be too much to ask.

5 thoughts on “Fiona Apple in Philly (Tower Theater)

  1. I met Warren Zevon, had a 5 minute conversation, and had no idea who he was. Freedy was signing autographs and I happened to be standing next to him and we started talking about Freedy. I was a little surprised when he walked on stage.

  2. I carry a business card from Le Ho Fook’s of London in my wallet. I’ve had it since I first discovered, on a stroll through SoHo, that Le Ho Fook was a real restaurant and not just something that Zevon made up for “Werewolves of London.” And there I had “a big dish of beef chow mein” just about once a month for my year in London. I loved that guy. And I’m still kicking myself that I get to go to any of the gigs he played in DC before he passed away. Dang it.


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