The Amazing Race: Family Edition over – THANK GOD!

In the words of the Weavers – THANK THE LORD! (those that watch The Amazing Race understand).

First off – I love the Linzes, am happy they won, but in no way would they have competed in a normal race. They made too many mistakes and only their tenacity brought them through. That said – they’re were one of the most likeable groups they’ve ever had on TAR. As for the Weavers – well for one hour each week I had someone I hated more than Dubya. The fact that they were in the final three and were as universally loathed as they were made for some tense TV watching in this house.

The final three teams were so lackluster that the end was welcome. The end of TAR 7 was so fulfilling and suspensful, I was hoped that this race would propel TAR to even greater races. Oh well.

The Amazing Race 9 is coming in February. Let’s hope that the producers get back to good old fashion racing (you know where people do things, some people fall behind, some get ahead, etc.) If so I can put this sorry race to the far reaches of my mind.

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Race: Family Edition over – THANK GOD!

  1. I can’t say I had the same level of disdain for this season in general as you seem to, but for the Weavers — yes, Lord, yes. If they had won I may have had to become a Luddite and quit TV forever.

    Even so, I was a bit disappointed the Weavers didn’t get to do the map/puzzle, because I was expecting a humorous display of extreme stupidity.

    But didn’t you feel just a bit sorry for the son/brother Weaver — who the family made do almost every roadblock, and in comparison to the rest of the family seemed pretty normal?

    O.K., enough geeky reality show talk from me…

  2. This is the first season of TAR that I didn’t watch religiously. I saw three episodes of this one. It just didn’t hold my interest at all. Here’s hoping the next round returns to the normal format and level of competition. (Please!)

  3. we watched TAR7 but i think it was out of misplaced loyalty to a show i once found exciting. this season was HORRIFIC. and i don’t think we can simply blame the teams for that either – they only peformed the tasks, they weren’t the ones who picked them….seriously? a hot air balloon ride? Watching old faithful errupt? where’s the challenge? Thank GOD the weavers didn’t win…

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