5 thoughts on “No confidence

  1. Sure, it’s great, but in this case they voted out the Liberals. If we get Harper in office, Canada won’t be any better than the U.S.

  2. basically, as i said in an email to Merujo, this election isn’t going to change anything becuase most centre to left of centre people are terrified of Stephen Harper, and will end up voting for the liberals again anyway in a “anybody but him” bid to keep harper out of the Prime Minister’s office. I’ll take a corrupt liberal over a scary ass bible thumping bush wannabe anyday.

  3. oh, i meant to add – the only good thing out of this election, because i’m predicting that we’ll end up with yet another liberal minority, is that the leadership of both Harper and Martin will be questioned, and by the time the government falls again (within a year would be my bet) we’ll have two new leaders to chose from.

  4. As I don’t know much about the situation – I have to speak in generalities. What I know is that most of the time scandals are political.

    Anyway, since I know nothing about Canadian politics (sadly most Americans don’t know anything about U.S politics) my original post was more in line with applying the Canadian form of government to the U.S. If so, there are very few worse alternatives to Bush who could be elected.

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