The comic stylings of Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson is at it again. If you haven’t heard – Dover, PA, the town that has made news because of its “Intelligent Design” addition to science classes, voted out 8 of the 9 school board members that supported the addition.

Well now Pat Robertson has warned that Dover will suffer god’s wrath for rejecting god from their town. A friend of mine said that Christians can be the least Christ-like people you’d want to meet. This is a great example.

On related note – I got a chuckle falling asleep to South Park last night and then waking up to find out that the 700 Club is on the same station in the morning. Seems like this station needs to pick a side. Anyway South Park is more intelligent that Pat Roberston on their worst day.

3 thoughts on “The comic stylings of Pat Robertson

  1. I wish we had a live video feed of Pat Robertson experiencing God’s wrath for his hateful insanity when his life comes to an end. I’d love to see the look on his face when he’s told how wrong he was to not only heartlessly judge others, but to invoke God while doing it. And how completely off he was about what being a Christian means. Fundamentalist nitwits like him, more concerned with judging others than actually being a decent human being, give all religions a bad name.

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