Amazing new November 2005 Playlist

So yesterday I was putzing around eMusic and downloaded the best sounding playlist I’ve heard in awhile. All of the music sounds so good together and one of the cd’s is among the best I’ve heard this year.

Ambulance LTD – LP – I have never heard of Ambulance LTD but this CD is awesome.
Bloc Party – EP – Two songs that fit right in
Calexico – Feast of Wire – I think I like this better than the Iron and Wine/Calexico CD released this year (an amazing CD in it’s own right)
Matson Jones – Matson Jones – Kind of described in the Sleater-Kinney vein with no guitars just two cellos and a rhythm section
Mull Historical Society – Us – In the same vein as Arcade Fire or the Decemberists but I think more accessible
The Rosebuds – Birds Make Good Neighbors – this is another best of 2005 CD. To me they remind me of a more accessible My Bloody Valentine with a touch of Pixies.
Spoon – Girls Can Tell – I think I like this better than their last two releases.

It’s weird for me to go on a download spree like this and not make one mistake. In addition to sounding good – some of them are scary good.

And all of this is available on eMusic. Seriously. Click the banner to the left (I get paid apparently).

3 thoughts on “Amazing new November 2005 Playlist

  1. Shouls have told you about the Ambulance LTD, I’ve been enjoying that one for a while.

    I’ve got a new find for you in case you’ve never heard of….Porcupine Tree.

    Great stuff.

  2. Thanks for the GLMS recommendation. I downloaded a couple of songs from their site and they sound cool – will put them in my queue once my emusic downloads refresh at the end of the month.

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