A thought on Harriet Miers

We all know how shrewd the republicans are. And I hate to be Oliver Stone on this but couldn’t all of this republican criticism be a ruse? Seriously – so many democrats like her simply because the republicans don’t. Wouldn’t it be a smart strategy to bring in a staunch anti-abortion candidate and then convince your allies to attack her hoping that the conservative attack itself convinces democrats to vote for her?

Just saying that no one should get excited until we actually hear her beliefs (assuming we ever do).

3 thoughts on “A thought on Harriet Miers

  1. Yep, I’ve been postulating an identical theory. I have yet to pass judgment since we’ve heard virtually nothing about her actual views on actual issues… but I’m cautiously pessimistic!

  2. I’m sure we don’t know her views (my God, how long has it been now?), because she’s not actually a real person. But, she’s Bush’s best friend. Doesn’t that make sense?

  3. I think that might be a stretch to say that democrats like her. I don’t like her, but it’s for reasons that are, I’m sure, different than Sam Brownback’s.

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