Maybe Pat Robertson should die

I can say that because honestly, I’m not religious. But when a so-called religious leader such as Pat Robertson calls for an assassination of another human being it is so hypocritical that I just laugh. These “people” have being essentially praying for liberal Supreme Court justices to die so that they can be filled with fascists like themselves.

(Apply these comments to the death penalty)

2 thoughts on “Maybe Pat Robertson should die

  1. oh my god. that’s frightening. i never liked robertson to begin with but now i find him down right detestable.

    what a great representative for the “religious” – whatever happened to “thou shalt not kill” – i never saw any clause in there that adds “unless of course, they’re an opressive dictator that disagrees with you politically. then it’s okay to have your covert operatives to go in and do what they must….”


  2. Pat Robertson is a bloated southern ego who only speaks to please his “donors” and hides behind a veil of religion. It’s a good thing our President, who actually makes the policies, is nothing like that.

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