Whoa it’s getting cold

I’ve just realized that I’m a dinasour.

My post about stealing music has led to a lot of conversation and what I’m realizing is that I’m the only one that really believes I should pay for music. What’s worse is that it’s to the point where I look silly for buying music. My post was really about the ethics and morality of the issue as opposed to any belief that the theft is justified because the music industry on a whole is unsympathetic (they are).

The woman I sit next to at work said “ethics are so 90’s”. Our sense of morality and ethics are so flexible as to serve no true purpose. Everything can be explained away so that we can sleep at night.

What is scary is where we will be 5, 10, 20 years from now?

2 thoughts on “Whoa it’s getting cold

  1. Ethics are so ’90’s? Oh… my… god…

    Nope, nope, nope – and you’re not the only one who thinks you need to pay for the music you want. I’m a big fan of musicians getting paid. I don’t dig illegal downloading, etc. because it’s just plain wrong. (At least in my book.)

    Actually, a couple of months ago, I ended up in some very acrimonious “debates” with some folks outside of a Yahoo group (which shall remain nameless), all about stealing music. In the end, one of the people with whom I was “conversing” (I’m putting that nicely) e-mailed me a link where I could illegally download the music we were arguing about, somewhere in Eastern Europe (a region well known as a hotbed of electronic music & video thievery.)

    It was sort of an “F U” to me and my beliefs, by putting temptation directly in front of me. I found it creepy. I deleted the link. I haven’t had anything to say to my fine correspondent since then…

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