Stuff blowed up real good

Saw Michael Bay’s new movie The Island Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. Alright, it’s not the best movie, it’s not trying to be. First off – Ewan and Scarlett – something for everyone. Djimon Honusou is very good in his role too – he has an action hero career ahead of him. I think if it weren’t for McGregor, Johansson, and Honusou this movie would probably have been unwatchable.

The Island is this year’s Speed – fun, loud, cute stars and all that good stuff; mindless entertainment. A friend of mine complained that it was silly – well it wasn’t supposed to be an Oscar contender. This is faint praise, but this was Michael Bay’s best movie (of course Armageddon is among my all-time most hated films).

  • Merujo

    Okay, I’m frightened now. We’ve both used variations of the phrase “blowed up real good” in blog entry titles. In the same 24-hour period.

    Apparently, the “Farm Film Report” resonated with you, too. “Wow, that Brooke Shields. She sure blowed up real good…”

    Marveling at the joy of synchronicity,